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Faszination Bogen promotes enthusiasm and passion for the new trend sport. More and more people are taking up bows and arrows, and more and more clubs and departments of shooting clubs are being founded. Faszination Bogen gives sportsmen and sportswomen many tips and tricks for best results. Proven experts write on topics such as training, equipment, medicine or psychology, so that the reader’s performance at the target can improve after reading. In addition, the reading pleasure with stories from top sports, from vacation regions, with personal stories or historical is not behind. All pages are generously illustrated.

For seven years, Faszination Bogen was produced in printed form. From 2022, there will be a fundamental change. „FaBo“ will then continue to be published four times a year, but exclusively digitally.
In addition, it will be free of charge for all subscribers. All you have to do is register and enter the activation code FABO2022 or FABO10 once – and you’ll have access to all issues.

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Table of contents of the current issue


  • Felix Wieser siegt in überragender Manier

Ausrüstung Bogentuning

  • Auf die gerade Linie kommt es an

Bundesligafinale in Wiesbaden

  • Ein Traum erfüllt – ein Traum geplatzt


  • Verschiedene Möglichkeiten für die Vorbereitung auf den Wettkampf


  • Auf Du und Du mit der Haselmaus


  • Wörter machen Unterschiede


  • Bogenschießen in der Pädagogik der Aufklärungszeit


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